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The Stain of Time
A biography of Trent Reznor
by Remanon Last
The Stain of Time by Remanon Last
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Remanon Last
British born Remanon Last inherited her love of all things equine from her father - along with other rather earthy abilities. Whilst he could charm warts and heal wounds with a few words and some masking tape (!) she can, amongst other things, communicate with those residing in the spirit world.
She was indoctrinated into the tradition of Pictwicca by her maternal line who have long been caretakers of a Pictish well in the highlands of Scotland. Not only are they the keepers of the well's ancient key, they are also the repository for its secrets.
Feeling a keen affinity for the Northern Traditions Ms Last has been a student of Runic Law and Teutonic Magik for over two decades.
Remanon Last returned the UK in 1998 after spending twenty six years in Ontario Canada, breeding and training Arabian horses. She currently resides in Mid Wales with her daughter, son-in-law and their ever increasing menagerie.
"It has been just five years since I uncovered this ability to communicate with the daimonic reality yet I find their presence is as real to me as that of family and friends. Different, of course, but every bit as essential. However, appreciating that what is truth for me often runs counter to the belief systems of others I have often held back rather than share my experiences-whether this is to spare them discomfort or to save myself from the embaressment of being laughed at is debatable, going against the grain, as it does, to willingly make a fool of oneself.
In researching this book, The Stain of Time, the wealth of information previously provided by the daimon finally began to fit together. In fact a lot of seemingly disparate ideas and beliefs I had long held began to make sense. So armed with this admittedly tenuous battery of proof I have become resolute and am determined to voice my beliefs without prefacing every statement with 'I know this sounds ridiculous...' or 'I'm sure you'll think I'm crazy..' Now I state my case boldly...there is no death of spirit. The body might grow, age, die and decay but the person that it once was carries on. There is no escape from ourselves or our past actions, simply a continuing along the spiral until we get it right"
Ms Last can be contacted through the publisher:
Conex Publishing
25 Commercial Street
Powys, SY16 2DE
Tel: (+44) 168 662 4924
Demystifying the Daimon is the latest offering from Remanon Last and will be available later this year.
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