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Trent Reznor's work is regarded by some as an unintelligible wall of noise bolstered by depressing and corrosive lyrics. Others find its saturnine qualities both an inspiration and a place of solace in which to explore the darker moods of their soul.

Trent maintains this music is the most personal thing he can offer the world - a true glimpse of his soul. Critics - or sceptics - dismiss it as savvy marketing aimed at milking adolescent angst.

This site is unlike any other. The biographical details and career achievements presented on the following pages won't offer too many surprises for fans, rather it is intended as ground work for what follows.

Open the door to find yourself in another place.

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broken, bruised, forgotten, sore...

too fucked up to care anymore...

tear a hole exquisite red
fuck the rest and stab it dead...

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